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The video "The Journey" produced by UNHCR. This is a short video depicting a refugee athlete aiming for the Olympics and Paralympics.

An Ethiopian track and field athlete training alone, hoping to meet his separated family.
A Syrian athlete dreaming to play karate to rebuild the future
with like-situated athletes with different origins, especially for children.

Do you know “Refugee Olympic Team”?

The Refugee Olympic Team is composed of athletes from various countries, which is not representing their own countries. So, you can see them wearing different jerseys.

To send messages is a small but huge first step.
Your small actions are going to make a huge difference.

We hope that more and more people have interest in refugee issues by taking a small action. Despite the Covid-19, Fly your message can connect people online and inspire them to take further actions for refugees.

Don’t know anything about refugee issues?

You can start from knowing.
Forgot to think about it? Come back and get involved again.
Don’t know how to get involved? Take this chance as the first step.

“Fly your message” always supports your small actions. Fly your message and cheer for refugee athletes! Delivered all the way from Japan, your messages will become more powerful and encourage them.

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